Quest 329

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  • Quest Name: Bag Craftsmen's Way
  • Quest Giver: Tote
  • Location: Bolters Bag Studio in Julet Town Well
  • Target  : Terrorceratops, Hybird.
  • Reward  : Dragon Skin, +10 to Inventory, Experience, Fame.

After speaking with the Quest Giver. Head to Gartlant Castle Town and go to the Tavern, head down into the Monster Tavern downstairs, speak with the Crab on the right called Ganippo. Say Yes *top selection* then go back to the quest giver. After speaking with him, head to the City of Megistris. Exit out, head Souteast to the Choppi Wilderness. This time your looking for Terrorceratops, they will have the same model as the previous quest's target only their shells will be purple this time with Green skin. Return to the quest giver once you obtained the skin. You will get a key item, return to the crab back in the Gartlant Castle Town Monster Tavern.

Talk to the crab. Say yes *Top option* then after you are done talking, head to Castle Glenn Town. Go to its Monster Tavern below the Normal Tavern. Speak to the dancing flame called Flameman *who names these...?* Say Yes. After being done speaking with it. Head back to the quest starter again. Talk to him, say yes *top option* now head to Keracona Wild Forest. You can get there by going to Verinard Castle town, head to North Verinard, then Verse Mountain Forest, then Booner Rainforest, finally Keracona Wild Forest, you have to take a boat. I know Ahkmon may have told you to go to Windmill way, yet for some reason the quest points you out to go to the Wild Forest instead. Either works, the target you need is in multiple zones. The target you need also only comes out at during the day. You are looking for the Hybirds. They are Green, pink and yellow in color large birds. I found them H-6 around the ring. They will be in other places of the Jungle as well. Return to the quest giver once finished. Talk to him. You will get a key item. Now return to the Flameman at the Monster Tavern in Castle Glen Town. Talk to him.

Now return to the quest giver once again. Speak with him for your reward.