Quest 329

From Ethene
Name Bag Craftsmen's Way
Location Julet Town
Coordinates G3 - Inside the Well
NPC Tote
Requirements Level 70+
Initial Rewards
Experience 24500 P
Fame 72 P
Rewards Item bag increased to 70 slots
1 Dragon Hide
Replay Rewards
Experience 6125 P
Fame -
Rewards 1 Magic Beast Hide
Quest Progression
Previous 237
Next 466


  1. Enter the well in G-3 and speak to Tote to receive the quest.
  2. Head to the Gartlant Castle Town Tavern at G-5 and speak to Ganippo in the Underground Monster Bar.
    • You can go there immediately by selecting "In front of the tavern" at the teleport point just after entering the town.
  3. Return to Julet Town and speak with Tote.
  4. Go to Gartlant Territory at E-4 and defeat Terrorceratops until you receive Adamas Leather.
  5. Return to Julet Town and speak with Tote.
  6. Head back to Gartlant Castle Town's Monster Bar and give Ganippo their new bag.
  7. Now head to Glen Castle Town and go to the Tavern at D-1, and then the Monster Bar and speak with Flameman.
  8. Return to Julet Town and speak with Tote.
  9. Go to Keracona Wild Forest and defeat Hybird around B-7 until you obtain a Purgatory Plumage.
  10. Return to Julet Town and speak to Tote.
  11. Deliver the new bag to Fireman at the Glen Castle Town Monster Bar.
  12. Return to Tote in Julet Town to complete the quest.