Quest 466

From Ethene
Name Difficult Orders
Location Julet Town
Coordinates G-3 (Well)
NPC Tote
Requirements Version 4 installed
Level 75+
Initial Rewards
Experience 18500 P
Fame 78 P
Rewards Item bag increased to 80 slots
1 Kaleidoskin
Replay Rewards
Experience 9250 P
Fame -
Rewards 1 Dragon Hide
Quest Progression
Previous 329
Next 686


  1. Speak with Tote to receive the quest.
  2. Head to Gartlant Castle Town and go into the well at F-6, in front of the tavern.
  3. Speak with Pack.
  4. Head to Glen East and go to the cave entrance at C-1.
    • Have a Bazoom Girl or Mega Zoomstone teleport you to the Beast's Nest to go directly there.
  5. Inside the cave, defeat Trolls until you receive Spring Leather.
  6. Return to Tote and give him the item.
  7. Return to Pack in the Gartlant Castle Town well.
  8. Return to Tote.