Quest 466

From Ethene
Name Difficult Orders
Location Julet Town
Coordinates G3 (Well)
NPC Tote
Requirements Version 4 installed
Vocation level 75 or higher
Initial Rewards
Experience -
Fame -
Rewards +10 Inventory Size (80)
Replay Rewards
Experience 18500 P
Fame 78 P
Rewards 1 dragon skin
Quest Progression
Previous 329
Next 686


  • Speak to Tote (トート) to receive the quest.
  • Head to Gartlant Castle Town and go into its Open Well at F6.
  • Speak to the ogre child named Pack
  • Head to Glen East and go to the cave entrance at C1. (If you have a mega zoom stone quicker to go to Lions Gate.)
  • Move to B1. Defeat the Trolls Found there until you get a drop.
  • Return to Tote and give him the item.
  • Return to Pack in the Gartlant Well.
  • Return to Tote.
  • Wait 3 minutes (real time) and then speak to Tote again to complete the quest.