Quest 466

From Dragon Quest X
  • Quest Name: Difficult Orders
  • Quest Giver: Tote
  • Location: Bolter's Bag Studio in Julet Town Well
  • Target  : Troll
  • Reward  : Exp, Fame, Kaleidoskin, +10 Inventory Size.

After speaking with Tote. Head to Gartlant Castle Town and go into its Open Well at F6. Once inside, speak to the ogre child named Pack. Now you need to head to Glen East and go to the cave entrance at C1. If you have a mega zoom stone quicker to go to Lions Gate. You will know your in the right place if you see Pink Rockbombs around. Once there, head to B1. Defeat the Trolls Found there until you get a drop. Once you have it, head back to the quest giver, not Pack. Talk to Tote. Now return to Pack in the Gartlant Well. After the conversation, return to the quest giver Tote for your reward.