Quest 357

From Ethene
Name Start of an Endless Dream -
Location True Gran Zedora Kingdom
Coordinates C-3
NPC Licious -
Requirements -
Previous Quest -
Next Quest 382
Rewards (First Time / Repeat)
Experience 40200 P 5100 P
Fame 81 P 11 P
Rewards Seed of Life Magic Water


This is the beginning of the Dream World questline, which ultimately allows Dragonriding in False Lendersia.

  • Speak with Licious at C3 in True Gran Zedora Kingdom.
  • She will ask for materials that only drop from Dark Brownie.
  • Head to True Gran Zedora Territory and hunt down Dark Brownies until you gather the required materials.
  • Return to True Gran Zedora Kingdom and speak with Sherina at F7, just outside of the Post Office.
  • Return to Licious to C3 to submit the gathered materials.
  • Head upstairs to speak with George, and then return to Licious to complete the quest.