Quest 382

From Ethene
Name Endless Dream Entertainer
Location True Arahagiro Kingdom
Coordinates D-4
NPC Pirippo
Requirements -
Initial Rewards
Experience 46200 P
Fame 93 P
Rewards Mini Medal x30
Replay Rewards
Experience 8100 P
Fame 17 P
Rewards Magic Water x5
Quest Progression
Previous 357
Next 383


In addition to having completed Quest 357, you also need to have unlocked Dragonriding via Quest 366, which is started in Version 2.3.

  • Speak with Pirippo to accept the quest.
  • Mount your dragon in True Lendersia and fly towards Lazea Wind Cave (E-6).
  • From the entrance, walk towards the sign post and drop off onto the ledge to the north.
  • Follow the path until you make your way around the zone towards the quest indicator.
  • Interact with the chest to engage a boss fight.
    • Three Blood Mages will attack you. These are boss Wrecktors that will cast a variety of high-level AoE magic at you.
    • It's best to focus-fire them down one at a time to cut their damage output.
  • After the cutscene, return to Pirippo to submit the Creed Final Volume key item and complete the quest.