Quest 366

From Ethene
Name To The Dragon's Nest -
Location True Gran Zedora Castle - 2F
Coordinates E-7
NPC Sage Lushenda -
Requirements -
Previous Quest 350
Next Quest 367
Rewards (First Time / Repeat)
Experience 65600 P 0 P
Fame 132 P 0 P
Rewards Sage's Elixir x3 0


  • Speak with Sage Lushenda to accept the quest.
  • Exit the castle and Walkthrough Warp to Rovos Highlands.
  • Head east into the Draklon Mountains and speak with Wandola to progress, and then make your way up to the peak of the zone for a boss fight.
    • The trek up is mostly linear, just keep following the map up each level.
      • The Flying Dragon Trio bosses will engage you one at a time. They each use elemental attacks corresponding to their color (red = fire, blue = ice, yellow = zap) and War Cry to knock you down.
  • After the fight, Walkthrough Warp back to Wandola. He will task you with travelling around the map collecting five Dragonstones. These are marked on your map already on Level 2, so head out and collect them, then Walkthrough Warp back to Wandola.

You now have access to Dragonriding. This allows you to fly over the land and drop into places you don't have memorized to a Zoomstone. Get used to the controls if you wish, and then either a) fly to Gran Zedora or b) land somewhere and Walkthrough Warp. Report back to Sage Lushenda to complete Quest 366.