Quest 367

From Ethene
Name Pay Me for My Trouble!
Location Surea Coast
Coordinates C-6
NPC Issho
Requirements -
Initial Rewards
Experience 66300 P
Fame 133 P
Rewards Green Orb
Replay Rewards
Experience 0 P
Fame 0 P
Rewards 0
Quest Progression
Previous 366
Next 368


  • Speak to Issho and mention you are related to your sister. Accept the quest when offered.
  • Make your way to True Jyra Jungle. Walkthrough Warp may be an option, but if not, mount your dragon and drop in from the sky.
  • Hunt Rainbow Scissors until the Rainbow Augite key item drops. Rainbow Scissors are found throughout the zone around the lake.
  • Make your way back to Issho via Walkthrough Warp to complete the quest.