Quest 376

From Ethene
Name Freeze People
Location False Kingdom of Al-Ahagiro
Coordinates E-6
NPC Seraphi
Requirements -
Initial Rewards
Experience 49100 P
Fame 99 P
Rewards Seed of Therapeusis
Replay Rewards
Experience 4550 P
Fame 10 P
Rewards Magic Water
Quest Progression
Previous -
Next 377


  • Enter the side room located at E-6 to speak with Seraphi and accept the quest.
  • Make your way outside to the desert and hunt down Dragon Zombies (located near the sinkholes in the east.)
  • Proceed to False Rhone Forest. At the far south, at F-8, is the Rhone Carrot key item.
  • Return to Seraphi and submit the items to complete the quest.