Quest 377

From Ethene
Name Grudge Identity
Location False Kingdom of Al-Ahagiro
Coordinates F-4
NPC Seraphi
Requirements 376
Initial Rewards
Experience 47900 P
Fame 96 P
Rewards Enchanted Stone
Replay Rewards
Experience 3950 P
Fame 8 P
Rewards Magic Water x4
Quest Progression
Previous 376
Next 378


  • To begin this quest, make your way to the Armory in the northeast on the second floor of Al-Ahagiro. A cutscene will play before Seraphi offers you the quest.
  • Head downstairs and speak with Shikabu at the table near the stairwell.
  • Exit the city and head southeast towards False Sunshade Cave.
  • After the cutscene, return to False Kingdom of Al-Ahagiro. Head towards the Monster Arena for a cutscene.
  • Exit the city to complete the quest.