Quest 378

From Ethene
Name Monster's Elegy -
Location False Kingdom of Al-Ahagiro
Coordinates E-6
NPC Seraphi -
Requirements -
Previous Quest 377
Next Quest -
Rewards (First Time / Repeat)
Experience 63500 P 11750 P
Fame 127 P 24 P
Rewards Skill Book Magic Water x5


  • In the side room on the east side of False Al-Ahagiro, speak with Seraphi to accept the quest.
  • Make your way outside to the south part of False Al-Ahagiro Region, near the water.
  • Hunt Cloud Surfers (the genie enemies) until you have all of the key items.
  • Return to Seraphi and turn the items in.
  • Head to the basement of the Monster Arena for a boss fight.
    • Gorius and Kirgyl will tag-team your party. Kirgyl will constantly buff Gorius with Tension Boost and Attack Up, while Gorius will max out his tension and do heavy hitting attacks. Kirgyl can occasionally cast offensive magic like Kacrackle and Kazammle as well. If you focus Gorius down first, he will not be able to dip below 1 HP — it's best focus attacks on Kirgyl and take him down instead.
  • After the cutscene, you will have completed the quest.