Quest 383

From Ethene
Name Mother of Gran Zedora
Location True Gran Zedora Kingdom
Coordinates D-3
NPC George
Requirements -
Initial Rewards
Experience 48400 P
Fame 97 P
Rewards Ace of Spoils
Replay Rewards
Experience 9200 P
Fame 19 P
Rewards Magic Water x5
Quest Progression
Previous 382
Next 384


  • Speak with George in True Gran Zedora Kingdom to begin the quest. He is located in Licious' house, upstairs on the second floor.
  • He will task you with finding a strange treasure chest. Head to D2, just north of George's home, to locate it.
  • Interact with the chest to input some numbers.
    • You can speak with George for hints on the chest's combination.
    • If you wish to skip the puzzle, the answer
  • Speak with Madame Luca to be given the Dreamer's Crystal Ball key item. You are to purify it in the Rovos Highlands.
  • Zoomstone to True Gran Zedora Kingdom and exit into True Gran Zedora Territory. Make your way south to Rovos Highlands.
    • It may be faster to mount your Wyvern and land immediately in Rovos Highlands.
  • Head west towards the Quest Marker on your map and interact with the column of light to initiate a boss fight.
    • You will be placed into battle against three Scarlet Knights, which are boss versions of the Cardinal Knight.
    • They do lots of physical damage, but if you focus them down one-by-one, it's manageable.
  • Return to Madame Luca in True Gran Zedora Kingdom. The portal at the entrance of town can be accessed for a shortcut (Select "In front of Salon".)
  • After the cutscene, return to George to complete the quest.