Quest 392

From Ethene
Name Fateful Encounter
Location City of Megistris
Coordinates B-3
NPC Mysterious Well > Minori
Requirements Paid Account
Initial Rewards
Experience 19200 P
Fame 39 P
Rewards Seed of Life
Replay Rewards
Experience 9600 P
Fame 20 P
Rewards Urbea Gold Coin
Quest Progression
Previous -
Next 406


NOTE: This quest cannot be cleared by Trial Players.

  • As a note, trial players cannot complete or engage with Fairy Library.
  • Head down the glowing well in Megistris City and speak with Minori to accept the quest, and then examine the glowing purple book to the north.
  • You are now in control of Lynn the Treasure Hunter.
  • Head past the pedestal to the tablet in the north and inspect it.
  • Return to the pedestal and stand in the middle.
    • It is recommended to use SendToChat if you do not know Japanese. Select Quest 392 and use the tool to put the words in.
    • If you have access to a Japanese keyboard, ラナルータ is the phrase you want to use in Say/"white chat".
  • Head downstairs and make your way to C-4 to enter the temple.
  • After the cutscene, make your way forward for another cutscene.
    • You will now control Lynn and Raul separately.

First Moon Statue

  • Examine the pedestal for a battle.
    • Two Drackys (Moon Guardians) will emerge. You must use the Amethyst Break skill to remove their protections, then attack them.
  • Examine the pedestal for the First Moon Statue.
  • Examine the mirror behind the pedestal to shift control to Raul.

Second Moon Statue

  • Make your way south towards the next room. Touch the green door to enter.
  • Immediately to the east is another Moon Statue. Interact with it.
    • You must not only strip the protections of the enemies, but also one-shot them — otherwise they will auto-heal to full health.
    • The attack order is Crimson Slash > Rising Sun > Heaven Break.
  • Collect the Second Moon Statue.
  • Investigate the glowing rock in the middle.
  • Make the west orbs all red, and the east orbs all yellow.
  • Proceed past the stone orb and inspect the mirror to shift control to Lynn.

Third Moon Statue

  • Head south to the next room and examine the green door to enter.
  • On the west wall, turn the pictures to be in this order: Dog > Bird > Snake.
  • Examine the pedestal for another fight.
    • Defeat the Drackys the same way as before: Amethyst Break > Auto Attack.
    • The Monkey requires Emerald Break > Snooze > Blackest Night.
  • Examine the pedestal, get the Third Moon Statue, and examine the mirror to shift control to Raul.

Fourth Moon Statue

  • Head south and into the passage for a cutscene. Lynn and Raul are now reunited.
    • For this fight, defeat the enemies as below.
      • Dracky: Amethyst Break > Auto Attack
      • Monkey: Emerald Break > Snooze > Blackest Night
      • Dragon: Sapphire Break > Wait for bomb > Trap Taker
  • Examine the pedestal for the Fourth Moon Statue. Make your way north to the first room.
  • Change the five moons on the north side of the room to follow this pattern:
    • Crescent > Full > Full > Crescent > New
    • This boss fight against Curse of Sin is a sort of puzzle fight.
      • Raul will occasionally use Heaven Break to reduce Curse of Sin's Darkness Resistance.
      • When that happens, use Blackest Night. You can fit two, sometimes three, Blackest Nights in before his Resistance reverts to normal.
      • Curse of Sin will also occasionally form a barrier — use Lynn's appropriate Break ability to pierce it.
      • You may have to Midheal yourself or Raul. If Raul falls, the battle will be very difficult to win.

After the cutscene, return to Minori to complete the quest.