Quest 396

From Ethene
Name The Legend of the Farewell Letter
Location Lion's Gate
Coordinates E-3
NPC Nachos
Requirements Quest 395
Initial Rewards
Experience 6200 P
Fame 103 P
Rewards Dancer's Top and Bottom Set
Experience Scroll - DNC (4)
20 points in all DNC Skills
Replay Rewards
Experience 3100 P
Fame 7 P
Rewards Urbea Silver Coin x2
Quest Progression
Previous 395
Next 397


  • Talk to Nachos to start the quest. Rastasya's gone off somewhere to meet with her old partner.
  • Who knows where that is, so let's go talk to another dancer. Dancers gossip all the time!
  • There's a dancer in Gartland named Cindy. Let's see if she knows. Venture to Gartland and talk to Cindy on the bridge at D3.
  • She graciously informs us many things about Rastasya, including that she might be southeast of Gartland.
  • Head to the gate exit southeast of the Kingdom of Gartland and prepare for a boss fight.
  • After the scene and checking the gravestones, return to Nachos to complete the quest.