Quest 404

From Ethene
Name Encompass With Compassion
Location Orphea Region East
Coordinates G-5 (Pippi's Inn)
NPC Light Guide Nazuna
Requirements Level +81
Initial Rewards
Experience 28,000 P
Fame 223 P
Rewards Level Cap raised to 90.
Replay Rewards
Experience 7000 P
Fame -
Rewards 1 Urbea Gold Coin
Quest Progression
Previous 380
Next 413


  1. After accepting the quest, head to the Popolia Mushroom Mountain, located at the north-west from the inn.
  2. Defeat King Cureslimes until you receive Crest of Kindness.
    • Locations they may appear include C-4, C-5, E-4, E-5, and D-6.
  3. Return to Light Guide Nazuna in Pippi's Inn for your reward.

NOTE: You can receive the next level cap quest once you reach level 86.

King Cureslime