Quest 380

From Ethene
Starting NPC

Quest 380 - Inspiring Courage

Location - Booner Rainforest, Wena Islands.
NPC - Ogre Woman at Booner Rainforest F-7.
Requirement - Level 76+
Initial Reward - Level cap unlock 80+
Replay Reward -
EXP/Fame - 23280/194

To clear the quest, you need to defeat Tormentaur (ブルサベージ or Bull Savage)

and Sintaur (ずしおうまる, or Zushiomaru.)

Tormentaur (ブルサベージ) appears in the Gilzad region (H-3), the Keracona primeval forest, the fake Rhone forest zone, and the true Rhone forest zone, and the Sintaur appears in the upper part of Jure Island (D-7&8), the west of Verinard (around the beach), the grasslands of the setting sun, and the false Wald water source .