Quest 417

From Ethene
Name Say a Prayer
Location Mogarim Highway
Coordinates C-3 (Mogare Camp)
NPC Light Guide Menna
Requirements Level 91+
Initial Rewards
Experience 36,000 P
Fame 250 P
Rewards Level Cap raised to 96.
Replay Rewards
Experience 9000 P
Fame -
Rewards 1 Urbea Gold Coin
Quest Progression
Previous 413
Next 454


  1. Speak with Light Guide Menna in the Mogare Camp to start the quest.
  2. Go to Dolworm Kingdom and interact with the well at D-8.
  3. You'll encounter a boss fight, Demon Seal Vogel. After defeating it, you'll receive Crest of Hope.
    • The boss will seal your party's spells for the battle, so you'll need to depend on physical attackers and healing items & skills.
  4. Speak with Light Guide Minana while inside the well.

NOTE: You can receive the next level cap quest once you reach level 94.

The well in Dolworm.