Quest 432

From Ethene
Name First Job to Connect Hearts
Location Town of Orphea
Coordinates D-5 Alleyway
NPC Juno
Requirements Fortune Teller Lv30+
Quest 431 Clear
Initial Rewards
Experience 3500 P
Fame 40 P
Rewards Fortune Teller's Mask
Fortune Teller's Sandals
Experience Scroll - FOR (2)
20 points in all FOR skills.
Replay Rewards
Experience 1750 P
Fame 8 P
Rewards 1 Urbea Silver Coin
Quest Progression
Previous 431
Next 433


It is recommended to have decent enough gear for level 30-35 if attempting this quest at low level. A sword and shield is recommended for added protection. Waiting until Lv 40 to unlock Tarot Synthesis can make the fight go a lot smoother.

  • Talk to Juno inside the Divine House at Town of Orphea's Alleyway map D-5. She will give you a Serepia Card key item after a cutscene.
  • You will need to defeat 5 Healium Balloon (プヨンターゲット)
Healium Balloon
    • A conveniently close area is inside Orpa Underground Cave in Orphea Region East (オルフェア地方東) near Pipi Inn (ピぃピのお宿).
  • Once 5 Healium Balloons have been defeated, head to the depository at E-4 in Town of Orphea and talk to Sarashina who will ask you a question. Answer no, and then yes when being prompted to use your Serepia Card.
  • Upon using your Serepia Card, you will be taken into a solo fight against 3 Dark Isolate (孤独の闇).
  • After defeating the boss, talk to Sarashina once more.
  • Return to Juno at the Divine House to complete the quest.

Fight Tips

If attempting the fight around level 30, make sure to bring both damaging and healing Arcana, or be ready with healing items, especially if attempting higher difficulty versions.