Quest 445

From Ethene
Name Skilled Gamilgo's Prayer
Location Gartlant Castle Town
Coordinates E-6, Gartlant Castle
NPC Jiuba
Requirements Level 50+
Initial Rewards
Experience 22800 P
Fame 110 P
Rewards Blue Fire
Skill reset stones sold at Item Shops
Replay Rewards
Experience 5700 P
Fame -
Rewards 1 Urbea Gold Coin
Quest Progression
Previous 94
Next -


  1. Enter Gartlant Castle and make your way to the back to the area called "The Flame" and speak with Jibua to accept the quest.
  2. Head to Glen West and make your way towards the Bagulea Church Vestige B-5 and speak with Father Od.
  3. Go to Gregor Cavern at A-7 and defeat the boss, Trickereer.
  4. Speak with Brick to receive Broken Statue.
  5. At any train station, go to ???? to travel to the past era.
  6. While in the past era, go to [[[Landonfoot]]] C-3 and speak with Gamilgo to receive God Gazbalan Statue.
  7. Speak with Conductor of Time, Zebes in the Glen Castle Town Station to travel back to the present era.
  8. Speak with Father Od in Glen West.
  9. Return to Jiuba to complete the quest.

You'll receive Blue Fire, which will let you use Regretta, Resetta, and Resettall stones while in town. Item Shops will now sell these stones.