Quest 445

From Dragon Quest X
  • Quest Name: Skill Master Gamilgo's Wish
  • Quest Giver: Jiuba
  • Location: Castle Gartland
  • Target  : Trickereer
  • Reward  : Experience, Fame Points, Tool Shops will now sell Skill Reset Orbs to freely use.

If you have done the skill point reset quest before, you are basically going back to the same place. Head to Castle Town Glen, go to west glen, head to the Church Vestige over at B5. Careful if going at night, other than the surrounding lv 55+ enemies, undead comes out that are around lv 60ish. Speak to Father Od. He will mention a child that has ran off to the Southwest. Head into Gregors cave at A-7. You will immediately be put into a boss fight. After the fight, speak with the ghostly child Brick. After he confesses his sins, you will get a broken statue key item. You now need to go back in time to the ogre continent Past area, and head to Landonfoot to then proceed to the Wild Settlement where you met the Ogre Sage. Speak with Gamilgo once you arrive. He will fix the statue, now bring it back to Father Od in the Present. Once you spoken with him, return to Gartlant castle and speak with Jiuba to end this quest.