Quest 94

From Ethene
War God Lada Gart's Oath (闘神ラダ・ガートの誓い)
Location Gartlant Castle (ガートラント城)
Starting NPC Jiuba (ジウバ)
Description -
Requirements Level 35+ 
Initial Reward Can Reassign Skill Points (スキルポイントふりなおし可能に), 1 Regretta Stone (やりなおしの宝珠)
Replay Reward 2 Urubea Silver Coins (ウルベア銀貨)
EXP/Fame 5160P/86P
Replay EXP/Fame 2580P/?P
Previous Quest None Next Quest Quest 445


  • Enter Gartlant Castle and make your way to the back to the area called "The Flame" (炎の間) and speak with Jibua to accept the quest.
  • Find or purchase Fire Wood (炎の樹木) from any material shop vendor or the Bazaar.
  • Head to Glen East (グレン領東) around C2 and look for Draguars (ゲリュオン). Defeat them until one drops a Merciful Light (慈愛の光).
  • Go to Glen Castle Town (グレン城下町) and enter the house at B2. Give both items to Diu (ディウ) to receive Gamilgo's Amulet (ガミルゴの護符).
  • Head to Glen West (グレン領西) and make your way towards the Bagulea Church Vestige (バグレア教会跡地) and speak with Father Od (オッド神父).
  • Return to Jiuba to complete the quest. You may now purchase stones from Jiuba and can reset your skill points by using the blue flame next to him.