Quest 94

From Ethene
Name War God Lada Gart's Oath
Location Gartlant Castle Town
Coordinates E-6, Gartlant Castle
NPC Jiuba
Requirements Level 35+
Initial Rewards
Experience 10320 P
Fame 86 P
Rewards Can Reassign Skill Points
1 Regretta Stone
Replay Rewards
Experience 2580 P
Fame -
Rewards 2 Urubea Silver Coins
Quest Progression
Previous -
Next 445


  1. Enter Gartlant Castle and make your way to the back to the area called "The Flame" and speak with Jibua to accept the quest.
  2. Find or purchase Fire Wood from any material shop vendor or the Bazaar.
  3. Head to Glen East C-2 and defeat Draguar until they drop Light of Compassion.
  4. Go to Glen Castle Town and enter the house at B-2. Give both items to Diu to receive Gamilgo's Amulet.
  5. Head to Glen West and make your way towards the Bagulea Church Vestige B-5 and speak with Father Od.
  6. Return to Jiuba to complete the quest.

You may now purchase stones from Jiuba and can reset your skill points by using the blue flame next to him.