Quest 94

From Dragon Quest X
Quest giver
Location - Gartland Castle
NPC - 
Requirement - Level 35
Initial Reward - Skill Reallocation Unlocked, 1 Redo Jewel
Replay Reward - 2580P, 2 Urubea Silver Coins
EXP/Fame - 10320P / P
  • Quest giver is at the back of the castle in Gartland capital city
  • Purchase Flame Wood (炎の樹木) from the materials shop in Gartland Capital City

Quest 94 mat vendor.PNG

  • Go to Glen East, head to the north east area right at the top of the map and kill the yellow manticore monster until you get the item

Quest 94 glen east.PNG

  • Go to Inn in Glen Castle Town and talk to an old woman to craft the required amulet
  • Head to Glen West and then southwest to the church

Quest 94 glen west church.PNG

  • Find and talk to this NPC

Quest 94 quest man.PNG

  • Head back to Gartland and hand in the quest