Quest 447

From Ethene

Quest 447 - Winning! Mega Zoom Stone (当選!メガルーラストーン)

Speak to the man with bright blue hair in T.Gran Zedora Kingdom at E-7 who entrusts you with a non-usable Mega Zoom Stone. He tells you to go to the Ceredot Mountain Road at night and check the waterside caves in search of a special flower in order to unlock it's true power.

The waterside cave and flower can be found at E-2 of the T. Celed Mountain Road region. Make sure to come at Night!

Once you've gathered the flower head back and prepare for a boss fight. The boss casts a lot of AoE spells so be ready to move often. Tanky, but not too threatening, dispatch this foe.

Afterwards speak to the man again, who will award you with a Mega Zoomstone, allowing you flight to any zone in the 5 continents (Ogre, Pukilipo, Weddie, Elf, and Dwarf).

With this valuable tool in our pocket, lets continue the adventure.