Quest 455

From Ethene
Name Free Deal Promotion! -
Location True Gran Zedora Kingdom
Coordinates E-7
NPC Lynx -
Requirements Quest 447
Access to Nadragand (v3.1)
Previous Quest 447
Next Quest 495
Rewards (First Time / Repeat)
Experience 30440 P 7610 P
Fame 61 P 16 P
Rewards - Urbea Gold Coin


  • Speak with Lynx to accept the quest. Go through the dialogue until you receive the Archives Key.
  • Make your way to True Celedot Mountain Pass and then the Archives.
  • Search the bookshelves until you learn the location of the Holy Powder.
  • Make your way to Solaria Canyon. As a reminder, this is located in False Lendersia.
  • Defeat Sculptrice until Holy Powder drops.
  • Return to Lynx at True Gran Zedora Kingdom to complete the quest.

You now have access to both True and False Lendersia warps via Mega Zoomstone.