Quest 480

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Quest 480 - Treacherous Friend (獅子身中の虫)

NOTE: This quest cannot be cleared by Trial Players.

Name Treacherous Friend
Location Freedom Village (Ethene Kingdom)
Coordinates E-4
NPC Bakumov
Requirements -
Initial Rewards
Experience 64600 P
Fame 9270 P
Rewards 1 Phantom Skin
Replay Rewards
Experience 130 P
Fame 19 P
Rewards 1 Phantom Beast Bone
Quest Progression
Previous -
Next -


  • Bakumov (バクーモフ) will ask you to dig up evidence that Waghmika is in league with the Ethene army.
  • Travel to Frontier Guard Post talk to the NPC standing next to the alchemy pot with water flowing out of it - Bynen (トバイネン) at D-5
  • Choose "Yes" to ask him about Waghmika.
  • Choose "Yes" to tell him that you and Waghmika are close.
  • He asks you to prove it by telling him the name of the magical creature taking care of Waghmika.
  • Answer him by typing "モモンタル" in nearby chat. (See Note below if you do not know how to do this)
  • Collect a Dragon Tongue plant from a glowing collection point in the NW of Bantryu Region (the area outside Frontier Guard Post), in the area of the exit to the Abandoned Dominus Mansion (C-2).
  • Collect Jadeite from defeating Big Moai (giant stone head) in the Bantryu region, just outside of Frontier Den (B-5/C-5).
  • Deliver the items back to Bynen (トバイネン) at Frontier Guard Post D-5 and get a Big ol' Bottle of Water in return, which is a sign of friendship between Wahmika and the Frontier Guard.
  • Deliver the water to Bakumov back in Freedom Village to complete the quest.

NOTE: To type "モモンタル" in Japanese in Windows 10: