Quest 485

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Suuie, quest initiator
Quest 485: Thunder Rumbles In The Sky (あまつちに雷鳴轟く)
Location Royal City Kamiharmui (North), wharf @ G-4
Starting NPC Suuie (スーイー)
Description -
Requirements Quest 34 cleared,
Version 4 registered,
at least one vocation Lv50+ 
Initial Reward Druid unlocked
Replay Reward 2 Urbea Silver Coins
EXP/Fame 0 / 43
Replay EXP/Fame None
Previous Quest None Next Quest Quest 486


  • Speak to Suuie on the wharf in Royal City Kamiharmui (North) @ G-4 for a cutscene.
  • After the cutscene ends, speak with Asahi.
  • If you wish to become a Druid, you'll need to capture a spirit called Shujaku in Dream Forest.
  • Make your way to the shrine @ D-6 in Dream Forest and examine the glowing stones. In order to appease the spirit, you need a "Hoshiman" that drops from the nearby Drooling Ghouls.
  • After slaying enough Drooling Ghouls for the required item, return to the shrine @ D-6 and examine it.
  • After a cutscene, return to Asahi by speaking any ferryman in Royal City Kamiharmui and selecting the new option for Asahi's Lair.
  • Talk with Asahi to complete the quest.
  • You can now become a Druid!

Drooling Ghoul