Quest 486

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Quest 486: Princesses of Shade (陰日向の姫たち)
Location Royal Capital Kamiharmui (North), wharf @ G-4
Starting NPC Asahi (アサヒ)
Description -
Requirements Quest 485 
Initial Reward Druid Shoes
+20 Skill Points in all Druid skills
Replay Reward 2 Urbea Silver Coins
EXP/Fame 21000 / 45
Replay EXP/Fame None
Previous Quest Quest 485 Next Quest Quest 487


  • Speak with Asahi in Yangshuo's Hideout. She tasks you with investigating a curse at a residence in North Kamiharmui.
  • Travel to the samurai's house @ A-5 in Royal City Kamiharmui (North).
  • Examine the cursed hanging scroll to initiate a boss fight.
  • Defeat the boss, watch the cutscene, and return to Asahi to complete the quest.