Quest 495

From Ethene
Name Lynx's Secret リンクスのヒミツ
Location True Gran Zedora Kingdom
Coordinates E-7
NPC ??? ???
Requirements Quest 455
Access to Old Ethene Kingdom (v4.0)
Previous Quest 455
Next Quest 568
Rewards (First Time / Repeat)
Experience 37800 P -
Fame 144 P -
Rewards Nadragand locations added to Mega Zoomstone 2 Urbea Gold Coin


  1. Go to the Archives in True Celedot Mountain Pass and talk to the mysterious NPC to receive this quest.
  2. Defeat some Evil Tree-ent until one drops a Chilly Herb.
  3. Go back to the Archives and report to the mysterious NPC.
  4. Travel to True Gran Zedora Kingdom and talk to Lynx in the inn to go to his office.
  5. Once in the office, examine the pot and prepare for a boss battle. The quest will be cleared after the cutscenes.
Evil Tree-ent.