Quest 499

From Ethene
Name I Want to Catch Up to Him
Location New Ethene Village
Coordinates H-4
NPC Yaku
Requirements Clear Quest 465
Clear Version 4.1
Initial Rewards
Experience 60600 P
Fame 66 P
Rewards Galapagod Toy
Replay Rewards
Experience 7260 P
Fame -
Rewards Galapagod Toy
Magic Water
Quest Progression
Previous -
Next -


  • Talk to Yaku in New Ethene Village (H-4) to accept the quest.
  • You need to obtain a "Wyrtell Shell", which can be obtained from Wyrtles in Old Gran Zedora Territory (around G3).
  • Go back to New Ethene Village and deliver the Wyrtell Shell to Yaku in order to complete the quest.

Note: If you come back and talk to Yaku after unlocking the Galapagod pet (by talking to the Toy Shop Karuta in Wind Town Azlan), you will be able to unlock the Ganyapon machine and earn different cat pets.

Wyrtle enemy at Old Gran Zedora