Quest 53

From Ethene
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The Endless Path of Relentless War (修羅への道)
Location Glen Castle Town (グレン城下町)
Starting NPC Agapei
Description -
Requirements Quest 52 complete 
Initial Reward Warrior Helmet, Warrior Gloves
Experience Scroll - WAR (4)
20 points in all WAR skills
Replay Reward need info
EXP/Fame 5175 / 69
Replay EXP/Fame None
Previous Quest Quest 52 Next Quest Quest 54


Summary - Agapei, who lives in Glen Castle Town, told me to go as a warrior to the cave of Besh at the end of the cave in the northwestern Becon Valley to get something important. He told me that the fire was extinguished.

[To reach the Becon Valley, take the West Exit of Glen Castle Town → Glen West → Bekong Valley]

  • Talk to Agapei in the back of a private house entering from C-7 in Glen Castle Town and accept the quest.
  • If you check the unlit candlestick at the back of B-3 in the Becon Valley – “Belly of the cave”, it will be a boss battle.
  • Return to Glen Castle Town and talk to Agapei to clear the quest