Quest 54

From Dragon Quest X
Dark Boundaries (闇との境界)
Location Glen Castle Town (グレン城下町)
Starting NPC Agapei
Description &nbsp
Requirements Quest 53 complete 
Initial Reward Warrior Pants, Warrior Boots
Experience Scroll - WAR (4)
20 points in all Warrior skills
Replay Reward 2 Urbea Bronze Coins, 1854 EXP
EXP/Fame 3708 / 69
Replay EXP/Fame None
Previous Quest Quest 53 Next Quest Quest 55


  • Talk to Agapei in the back of a private house entering from C-7 in Glen Castle Town and accept the quest. He speaks of overcoming anxiety and doubt.
  • Head to Nagua Caves, which is west of Langau Mountains. If you have not been here before, you can reach it by venturing to Lion's Gate from Glen East, and then taking the north exit.
  • In Nagua Caves, there will be another unlit bonfire. Interacting with it will trigger a cutscene. Watch it to the end.
  • When you come to, watch the cutscene again, but this time escape a terrible fate by selecting the "No." option.
  • Return to Glen Castle Town and talk to Agapei to clear the quest

Completed Summary - I escaped the consequences of becoming a madman by going to the Caves of Nagua in the Langao Mountains as Agapei, a resident of Glen Castle Town, had told me to do. Agapei gave me a gift to celebrate.