Quest 545

From Ethene
Rumored Superb View (ウワサのイタ映え絶景)
Location Playhouse by way of the Cat Island Pier at Muse Coast
Starting NPC Lucky (Lucchie)
Description -
Requirements Quest 544 Complete. 
Initial Reward Gadabout Monocle, Gadabout Shoes
20 points in every Gadabout Skill
Replay Reward 10500 EXP
2 Urbea Silver Coins
EXP/Fame 21000 / 45
Replay EXP/Fame None
Previous Quest Quest 544 Next Quest Quest 546


Requirement!!! You must know the "Puff-Puff" Skill in order to complete this quest. It is the 100 point action in the Gadabout exclusive ability chart, "Play"

  • Talk to Lucky to start the quest.
  • Now that we're all play all the time, it's time to get the vibes going.
  • This is a game of finding a spot where you can take a beautiful picture that will look good on the message board.
  • Gadabout is a class that completes quests by posting our W's on social Media, eh? Cool!
  • Lucky's tasked us with clearing the area, we need to defeat Gizmo/Cumulaus monsters in Glen West after using the Puff-Puff Skill on them to reduce their defense to zero.
  • Head to the center of Glen West, where you can see the railroad from a cliff and start massaging some clouds.

  • Once the clouds are chased away, interact with the sign to snap a wicked photograph.
  • Take it back to Lucky and Paisen will scan it to upload the photo to the bulletin boards, which completes the quest.
  • Paisen is fueled by the good vibes in the photo and the likes and retweets it receives. Rad.