Quest 546

From Ethene
Farming in Tsusukul Field (ツスクル畑でたがやして)
Location Playhouse by way of the Cat Island Pier at Muse Coast
Starting NPC Lucky (Lucchie)
Description -
Requirements Quest 545 Complete. 
Initial Reward Gadabout Hat, Gadabout Gloves
20 points in every Gadabout Skill
Replay Reward 11000 EXP
1 Urbea Gold Coin
EXP/Fame 22000 / 78
Replay EXP/Fame None
Previous Quest Quest 545 Next Quest Quest 547


  • Talk to Lucky to start the quest. He's exuding some low vibes, dude.
  • Sounds like Miyabi, who vowed to never work a day in her life, has gone back to the farm and is doing the unthinkable: working for a living!
  • It's obviously the fault of the Labor Demon Death Work, the evil demon that attack Gadabouts at night.
  • Let's go snap 'er out of it; only a sucker works a 9 to 5. Head to Tsusukul Village.
  • Miyabi is in the northwest part of the village, toiling away in the fields.
  • She says it's important to her, but that doesn't make a bit of sense.
  • We want to help her finish her job so that she can get back to a busy life of playing, so let's make light of the work!
  • We need some great Fertilizer and some Energy Powder. Fertilizer can be obtained at the Shrine of Wisdom. Check the bookshelf behind Master Toyohoro. Energy Powder is dropped by Armoured Ants in Eternal Wood or Sunset Meadows.
  • Give both things to Miyabi and enjoy the scene.
  • Return to the playhouse to complete the quest.