Quest 549

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Gadabout Fireworks (遊び人ファイアワークス)
Location Playhouse by way of the Cat Island Pier at Muse Coast
Starting NPC Lucky (Lucchie)
Description -
Requirements Quest 548 Complete. 
Initial Reward Gadabout Proof
20 points in every Gadabout Skill
Replay Reward 11500 EXP
2 Urbea Silver Coins
EXP/Fame 23000 / 185
Replay EXP/Fame None
Previous Quest Quest 548 Next Quest None


  • Talk to Lucky to start the quest
  • It's time to take down the Death Works and get the band back together!
  • We need Magic Balls, so head to Lenam Fields and get to the second floor of the church to ask Lucky's dad for his balls that he keeps for special occasions.
  • Next, we need to get to the fireworks shop in Gatara. Deliver the balls. Then, get to the exchange shop and deliver the materials to Tsunana.
  • Once you have the fireworks, run over to Verinard and arrive at the shell bridge. It's gonna be a funky night!
  • Prepare yourself for a boss fight, and enjoy the event afterward.
  • After the scene, return to Lucky at the playhouse to complete the questchain.
  • You can review the photo album on the table inside the playhouse to review the memories you made playing with your friends!

The Gadabout Proof is a neato accessory that increases the chance of Whimsy actions occurring. These are the ones that happen after any Non-Lucky Dip action.