Quest 548

From Ethene
Gadabout's Courage Test (遊び人の肝試し)
Location Playhouse by way of the Cat Island Pier at Muse Coast
Starting NPC Lucky (Lucchie)
Description -
Requirements Quest 547 Complete. 
Initial Reward Gadabout Coup-de-Grace, "Hocus Pocus"
20 points in every Gadabout Skill
Replay Reward 10500 EXP
2 Urbea Silver Coins
EXP/Fame 21000 / 150
Replay EXP/Fame None
Previous Quest Quest 547 Next Quest Quest 549


  • Talk to Lucky to start the quest.
  • The evil trial laid out for us is a test of courage at a haunted castle!
  • Head to Abandoned Castle next to Dream Forest and step on the first banana peel you see for an event.
  • Lucky slams his head. Good work. It's hilarious.
  • Next, venture to Glen Castle Town's Weaponsmith Guild Headquarters and talk to Zach.
  • Open the door to the back room for an event.
  • Return to Lucky at the playhouse to complete the quest.

Your reward here is the Gadabout Coup-de-Grace, Hocus Pocus!
Hocus Pocus is a crazy skill where anything could happen, up to and including, but not limited to...

  1. Setting down a regenerative circle that restores MP and HP over time.
  2. Conjuring a massive freezing circle that deals damage over time.
  3. Absolutely nothing!
  4. Calling meteors down from the sky to pulverize your enemies!