Quest 567

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Quest 567 - 1st Divination Ceremony (奇門遁甲の式・壱)

This quest is unable to be cleared by Trial Players.

This quest is unique for the Druid vocation, as it serves as a way to power up their summons.

Name 1st Divination Ceremony
Location Yangshuo's Hideout
Coordinates D-3
NPC Reimei
Requirements Complete Quest 490
Druid Level 100 or higher
Initial Rewards
Experience 29300 P
Fame 280 P
Rewards All spirits raise to Level 100
Replay Rewards
Experience -
Fame -
Rewards Gold Nugget (1)
Quest Progression
Previous 490
Next 673


  1. Talk to Reimei to start the quest.
  2. Talk to Asahi. She will cast a spell, with a validity of 60 minutes.
    • If the spell disappears, talk to Asahi for her to recast it.
  3. Defeat "Yang Trial I - Yang Fire", who appears alongside Kotobukino, alone.
    • Party members must be set to Standby in the Support party submenu. You can summon spirits to aid you in this fight.
    • Kotobukino can be found near the bridges in North of Kamiharumui (A-3, C-4, etc.)
    • The Yang Fire monster should be easy enough to defeat, you just need to damage it normally.
  4. Report to Asahi to pass the test and obtain a "Yang I Completion Charm".
  5. Talk to Yoi. She will prepare the next trial in a space accessed through a closet nearby.
  6. When you are the only player (Class: Druid), check the nearby closet for a boss battle against "Yin Trial I - Yin Spirit".
  7. Once the battle is over, report to Yoi and obtain the "Yin I Completion Charm"
  8. Report to Reimei

Battle against "Yin Trial I - Yin Spirit"

Combat overview
The Yin Trial I battle is a puzzle battle, meaning you need to use specific skills to damage the boss. As damage is inflicted on the enemy, the state of the boss changes in three stages. Its appearance does not change, but its resistances do.

The enemy will give you a hint with a dialogue line, just follow its advice. Attacking in any other way will only cause minor damage.

Since it is a one-player battle, the first priority must be to avoid death by avoiding attacks, which are telegraphed properly by the Yin Spirit. The ally spirits can heal you, but it's advised to avoid damage as much as possible and focus on damaging the enemy.

Phase 1
During this phase only the flame attribute can damage the Yin Spirit, so attack with the "Pyre o' Fire / Magma" skills.

Klashmi (カカロン Kakaron) should be summoned for support.

Phase 2
The boss summons the "Slayer Ordeal Rock" and the boss becomes immune to magical damage. Summon the Spirit Blamara (バルバルー Barubarū) to destroy the stone with physical attacks.

When the stone is destroyed, it is chance time, so you can attack with CT skills, etc.

Phase 3
The Yin Spirit summons the "Stone of Magic Training" and the boss is immune to physical damage, so summon the Spirit Damninui (ドメディ Domedi) and have him attack the stone with spells.

When the stone is destroyed, the boss will become weak to all elements, so attack with all your might!