Quest 60

From Ethene
Saint's balance (聖者の天秤)
Location Wind Town Azlan
Starting NPC Priest Bart
Description -
Requirements Quest 59 Complete 
Initial Reward Priest Coup-de-Grace, Saint's Poem
Experience Scroll - PRI (6)
20 points in all Priest skills
Replay Reward Need Info
EXP/Fame 4932 / 137
Replay EXP/Fame None
Previous Quest Quest 59 Next Quest Quest 61


  • Talk to Priest Bart at the church in the wind town of Azlan to start the quest. He will inform you about sparkly trees.
  • Venture to Treeshade Village and enter the pink tent once again for an event. Seems that Reaper's Breath can be cured with incense and there's only one thing left.
  • Head to Kirika Maternity Chapel and attempt to take the prayer statue for an event.
  • Take the statue for real this time, and return to Treeshade to clear the quest and gain your Coup-de-Grace!

Saint's Poem, a powerful Coup-de-Grace cleanses the party of all negative effects, applies a heal over time to everyone, and also raises any fallen party members at half their HP.