Quest 59

From Ethene
Call of the Reaper (死神の呼び声)
Location Wind Town Azlan
Starting NPC Priest Bart
Description -
Requirements Quest 58 Complete 
Initial Reward Priest Robe
Experience Scroll - PRI (4)
20 points in all Priest skills
Replay Reward Need Info
EXP/Fame 3708 / 103
Replay EXP/Fame None
Previous Quest Quest 58 Next Quest Quest 60


  • Talk to Priest Bart. Naturally, our first task as a newly indoctrinated Priest is to cure a mysterious disease.
  • We need to get to Treeshade Village, which is a trading post in the Azlan Region. Exit Azlan and then head northeast to arrive there.
  • Enter the pink tent for an event.
  • Visit Mollinarra Forest Ranger Association and talk to Marcha to gather information.
  • Revisit Treeshade to clear the quest.