Quest 604

From Ethene
Injured fan (けがされた扇)
Location Glen East F7, inside the well.
Starting NPC Dezlin at E2 inside the well.
Description -
Requirements Quest 603 Complete. 
Initial Reward Death Boots<br<20 points in every Death Master skill.
Replay Reward 10000 EXP
2 Urbea Silver Coins
EXP/Fame 20000 / 45
Replay EXP/Fame None
Previous Quest Quest 603 Next Quest Quest 605


  • Talk to Dezlin to start the quest.
  • To celebrate becoming a Death Master, Dezlin wants to give us our first job!
  • The job of a Death Master is to listen to spirits. Listen to Cal through a scene.
  • Head to Glen West and beat up some Aggrosculptures in the middle of the map. The closest Zoomstone is Gregor Cavern.
  • Once you get the tattered fan from them, take it back to Dezlin for a scene.
  • One more thing to do! Take the fan and lay both it and Cal's soul to rest on the grave.
  • Cal's grave is in the back next to the cactus. It's the only interactable headstone.
  • After the scene, return to Dezlin to complete the quest.