Quest 608

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Quest 608 - Take You From Twilight (黄昏より君を連れて)

This is the final quest from the Death Master quest chain.

Name Take You From Twilight
Location Glen East
Coordinates F-7, inside the well.
NPC Dezlin, at E2 inside the well.
Requirements Version 5 registered
Complete Quest 607
Initial Rewards
Experience 23000 P
Fame 185 P
Rewards Death Master Proof
20 points in every Death Master skill.
Replay Rewards
Experience 11500 P
Fame 185 P
Rewards 1 Urbea Silver Coin
Quest Progression
Previous 607
Next -


  • Talk to Dezlin to start the quest.
  • We gotta jab Nelim with a needle, but we need to purify it first.
  • Jaunt on over to Oath Falls in Gilzad Region on the Ogreed Continent, throw the needle in the waterfall, then bring it back to Dezlin.
  • After opening up Nelim's chakra, head over to the Spirit Caller.
  • Here, we'll speak the password to enter the Death Master chat. If you need it, here it is again: "デスマスターはしなない" (Death Masters Never Die)
  • Death Master Has Entered The Chat.
  • We'll be connected to the chatroom Death Masters Never Die.... which is what anyone would name it, let's be honest.
  • Gather all the information you can. Gismeyer will pop on and invite everyone to a show.
  • Dunno about you, but we already did the Superstart quest line. We know what happens when there's a show.
  • Hightail it to Boronus Lava Flow and meet up with Nelima at the monument located at C7.
  • Prepare yourself, then interact with the monument to wait by it.
  • Enjoy the scene and a boss battle.
  • Gismeyer will continuously summon undead throughout the fight. Deal with them quickly with area attacks and you'll be good.
  • After the fight, enjoy the scene.
  • Fling yourself down the well one final time to report to Dezlin and complete the questchain.

The Death Master Proof is a neat Proof that gives you a chance to not consume Death Power when using those skills. Nifty!