Quest 638

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Quest 638 - ワクワク温泉ライフ! (Exciting Spa Life!)

Location - Wind Town Azlan (風の町アズラン) Inn
NPC - Manju (マンジュ)
Requirement - Lv 50, Quest 173 cleared
Initial Reward - Cypress Bath
Replay Reward - Cypress Bath
EXP/Fame - 9180P / 82P 
  • Go to the Village in the Shade of Trees (木かげの集落) in the Azlan Region (アズラン地方) E1. Examining the dust behind the trees will trigger a cutscene and a boss. After you beat the boss, talk to Sen (セン).
  • Head back to Azlan and talk to Maetake (マエタケ) at F6
  • Go back to the Azlan Region and examin the shining spot at D4 for the item Round Stone (まるい石ころ)
  • Check the dust at E1 in the Azlan Region again and hand the stone over to Sen for a cutscene.
  • Report back to Manju and clear the quest. This gives you a hot spring that you can put at your own residence which gives the same Hot Spring buff as the Hot spring normally gives