Quest 639

From Ethene
First of 5 Voices Sing (壱の五声は歌の声)
Location Underground Lake Cave (地底湖の洞くつ) (D2)
Starting NPC Heaven Poet (天唱楽師)
Description -
Requirements Level 112+ 
Initial Reward Level cap raised to 116 (レベルの上限が116になる)
Replay Reward 1 Urbea Gold Coin (ウルベア金貨)
EXP/Fame 30160P/298P
Replay EXP/Fame 15080P/?P
Previous Quest Quest 627 Next Quest Quest 668


  • Check the door of the Underground Lake Cave at D2, answer the questions, and go inside. (You can use the Bazoom Girl to warp to Voicehalla or you can go from the Prayer Inn in Lenam Fields.)
  • Talk to Heaven Poet (天唱楽師) in Voicehalla to receive the quest.

  • Boss Battle
  • Go back to Voicehalla (天声の間) and speak to Heaven Poet to complete the quest.

NOTE: You can receive the next level cap quest when you reach level 114.