Quest 627

From Ethene
Name Star Warrior's Last Trial
Location True Alltrades Abbey
Coordinates E-4
NPC Star Warrior
Requirements Any Vocation level 110 or above.
Initial Rewards
Experience 30,160 P
Fame 298 P
Rewards Level cap raised to 114
Replay Rewards
Experience 15,080 P
Fame -
Rewards -
Quest Progression
Previous 614
Next 639


  1. After receiving the quest from Star Warrior at True Alltrades Abbey E-4, talk to Star Warrior again and jump into the river of light.
  2. Talk to the Star Warrior at the Genesis Tree Base and answer his question3*s.
    • No matter which answer you choose, the result is the same.
  3. Check out the Lightbeam. A boss battle begins.
  4. After defeating the boss, talk to Star Warrior.
  5. Say "ガッタバ・ヨナクーン"(gaddaba yonaku-nn)in the nearby white chat to clear the quest.
    • You can chat in hiragana too.=がっだばよなくーん
    • If you do not have access to a Japanese keyboard, you can use the "Sent to chat" tool, available on the tool's own Github repository.
    • Alternatively, you can copy and paste the required text on your frequently used sentences through Hiroba.

NOTE: You can receive the next level cap quest when you reach level 112.