Quest 67

From Ethene
Name The Legacy of the Super Tendou
Location Julet Town
Coordinates C4
NPC Yarn
Requirements Martial Artist Lv30 or above
Initial Rewards
Experience 2040 P
Fame 34 P
Rewards Martial Artist Boots
2 Exp. Scrolls (MRT)
+20 Skill Points in all Martial Artist skills
Replay Rewards
Experience -
Fame -
Rewards 2 Red Eye
Quest Progression
Previous -
Next 68


  • Talk to Yarn in D-6 Julet Town to accept the quest, and receive the Key Item (超天遊戯-壱の書- Chō ten yūgi -ichi no sho-).
  • Use the Key Item to read about your next objective.
  • Go to Glen East and defeat 5 Rockbomb (ばくだん岩).
    • Rockbombs can be found near G-3 in the current map.
Rockbomb (ばくだん岩)
  • Go back to Julet Town and speak to Yarn to clear the quest.