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Male Ogre in the Martial Artist outfit and pose

This is a page that will be used for information about the Martial Artist class.

Class List


The Martial Artist (武闘家 Budōka) class is one of the starting classes in DQX, is a tension based strength class where you will be doing the majority of your damage with tension based techniques. It is a class that provides high HP and physical power, but doesn't have access to spells and has high agility. Martial Artists have access to Claws, Staffs, Fisticuffs, and unique Skills for Spears. They also have the exclusive skill tree: Focus (きあい Kiai).

Their coup-de-grace is Roaring Tirade (一喝), which stuns nearby enemies for 15 seconds. Their class proof gives them a chance to do a counterattack.


The Martial Artist is a tension based strength class where you will be doing the majority of your damage with tension based techniques. However, constantly using tension along with your techniques drains your MP fast in the early game. It's best to have an Armamentalist to compliment your Martial Artist in the early game and expansions to use MP share with you until you raise your passive abilities along with your accessories to gain more MP. By the late game into the expansions, you should have enough MP from your passives and accessories to unleash all of your techniques in a single boss battle. If used correctly, a fully powered Martial Artist can unleash over 20k-40k+ damage in a matter of 40 seconds with max tension, tension lock, and every special attack fully charged.

Class Quests[edit]

Quest 67 - The Legacy of the Super Tendou (超天道士の遺産)
Quest 68 - Second Trial (弐の試練)
Quest 69 - Successor (名を継ぐ者)
Quest 70 - Life or Death (生か死か)
Quest 71 - Yarn Tearful Tekken (ヤーン 涙の鉄拳)

Class Tree Skills[edit]

NOTE: Any skill with a(専)is an "exclusive" skill, meaning it only applies to the current class.

Focus (きあい)
Japanese Name Japanese Translated English Name Description Type MP Cost Charge Time SP Needed
ためる(専)(Tameru) Accumulate (Exclusive) Psyche Up Increases your tension by 1 level. This may fail when using beyond the second level of tension. Skill 0 - 4
全職業できようさ+20 (Zen shokugyō de kiyōsa +20) Dexterity In All Occupations +20 Natural Deftness +20 - Passive - - 12
心頭滅却 (Shintō mekkyaku) Clearing Mind Mind Over Matter Increases your breath resistance by 40%. Skill 2 - 22
全職業ですばやさ+30 (Zen shokugyō de subayasa +30) Agility In All Occupations +30 Natural Agility +30 - Passive - - 34
不撓不屈(専)(Futō fukutsu) Indomitability (Exclusive) Mens Sana Removes all negative status effects currently afflicting you. Skill 1 - 48
全職業でちから+10 (Zen shokugyō de chikara +10) Power In All Occupations +10 Natural Strength +30 - Passive - - 56
おたけび (Otakebi) Roar Warcry Incapacitate surrounding enemies for a short time. Skill 3 - 70
全職業で最大HP+40 (Zen shokugyō de saidai HP +10) Maximum HP In All Occupations +40 Natural HP +40 - Passive - - 80
めいそう(専)(Meisou) Meditation Meditation Restores a percentage of your own HP. Skill 5 - 90
ためる弐(専)(Tameru ni) Accumulate 2 (Exclusive) ? Raises your tension by 1 level two times, with a guaranteed success rate. Skill 5 - 100
すばやさ+30(専)(Subayasa +30) Agility +30 (Exclusive) Agility +30 - Passive - - 110
ちから+30(専)(Chikara +30) Power +30 (Exclusive) Strength +30 - Passive - - 120
無念無想(専)(Munen musō) Remorseless (Exclusive) ? Recovers about 26 to 38% of your maximum MP. Skill 0 25/180 130
カウンターブースト(専)(Kauntābūsuto) Counter Boost (Exclusive) ? Increases damage dealt when countering by 1.5 times. Passive - - 140
ためる参(専)(Tameru san) Accumulate 3 (Exclusive) ? Raises your tension level three times with a guaranteed success rate. Skill 2 25/60 150
行雲流水(専)(Kōun ryūsui) ? ? Gives you "Tension Lock" for 40 seconds, meaning your tension level will not decrease during the duration. Also causes your actions to raise your tension level. Skill 6 I(55/220), II(40/180), III(25/110) 180*
打成一片(専)(Daisei ippen) Become One (Exclusive) ? Deals an attack to a single target for 3.3 to 3.7 times damage. Skill 6 I(45/135), II(30/90) 200*