Quest 687

From Ethene
Organizing Across the Sea
Location Luckland
Starting NPC Sasarana
Description -
Requirements Quest 467 complete, Level 81+, Version 2.1 complete 
Initial Reward 25 more slots in your Equipment Bag (For a total of 175)
Replay Reward 10900 Exp, 1 Gold Bar (Or Gold Nugget? Needs confirmation. It's a きんかい )
EXP/Fame 21800 / 85
Replay EXP/Fame None
Previous Quest Quest 467 Next Quest Done!


  • Talk to Sasalana to start the quest.
  • Head to T. Gran Zedora Castle and head to the Library on the 3rd floor. Speak to Libra.
  • Go to Inamino Highway (Azlan area) and head to Mountain Pass.
  • Talk to a Pukulipo named Poi Poi.
  • Go back to Sasalana.
  • Speak to Tabane, who is right next to Sasalana.
  • Head over to Wind Town Azlan and visit the inn at F-6. Talk to Hashibami.
  • Talk to Hashibami again to go to Chihiro's room.
  • Inside the room, examine the dresser.
  • Leave the room and speak to Hashibami again.
  • Go back to Inamino Highway and speak with Poi Poi again.
  • Go to Sui Tower in the Suizen Marsh (Azlan Area), head to F-4 and jump down the well behind the tower.
  • Examine the door and prepare for a boss fight.
    • The boss can perform single target instant death skills. You might consider preparing for this.
  • After the fight, speak to Chihiro
  • Head to Sasalana at Luckland
  • Go back to Wind Town Azlan, visit the inn and speak to Hashibami.
  • Lastly, head back to Sasalana in Luckland