Quest 467

From Ethene
The Art of Organizing Memories (思い出の整理術)
Location Entertainment Island Luckland
Starting NPC Sasarana
Description -
Requirements Quest 379 complete, Level 81+ 
Initial Reward 25 more slots in your Equipment Bag (For a total of 150)
Replay Reward 10900 Exp, 1 Gold Bar (Or Gold Nugget? Needs confirmation. It's a きんかい )
EXP/Fame 21800 / 85
Replay EXP/Fame None
Previous Quest Quest 379 Next Quest Quest 687


  • Talk to Sasalana to start the quest.
  • Head to South Port Lendor and visit Director Sugimu at the Ship Bureau in F-5.
  • You are tasked with shuttling blue crates back and forth. They look just like the one next to Navarro near the entrance to the administration building, which is the one you're in.
  • Talking to Sugimu again gives us more information: The total number of Blue Crates is five.
  • One by one, pick up each crate and bring them back to the blue crate next to Navarro.
    • Two in South Port: One behind the Ship Bureau at F-5 and one at the back of the Inn at H-3.
    • Two in North Port: One at D-5 and the other is inside the crafting area in F-6.
    • One at the train station in Port Town Lendor Stop (2F) at C-5.
  • Once you get back to Navarro, he'll explain how difficult it is to organize things in the warehouse.
  • The warehouse is on the first floor of the Titus. Talk to Crain to board and sail to either destination.
  • Snap a photograph with your camera of the warehouse and take it back to Sasalana and see what she thinks. Not a bad idea to get the blue crate in your picture.
  • Sasalana asks you to get a box from her aunt and defeat some monsters for their anti-rust plating.
  • Aunt Matoi is in the Royal City of Kamiharmui N at B-6. Speak to her and she'll give you the Cherry wood box.
  • Head to Daraz Quarry (on the continent of Dwachakka) and look for Masqueraiders. You can find them in the mining pits (try E-3) and especially during daytime. They get scarce if it's night or sand storming.
  • With the items in hand, rush back to the Grand Titus and talk to Crain.
  • Talk to Sasalana in the cargo hold to give her the goods and to organize the cargo hold.
  • Head back to the Ship Bureau and talk to Director Sugimu
  • Talk to Sasalana in Luckland to complete the quest.