Quest 467

From Ethene
Name Organizing Memories
Location Luckland Island
Coordinates E-4
NPC Sasalana
Requirements Level 78+
Initial Rewards
Experience 21800 P
Fame 85 P
Rewards Equipment bag can hold up to 150 items (+25)
Replay Rewards
Experience 10900 P
Fame -
Rewards 1 Gold Bar
Quest Progression
Previous 379
Next 687


  • To begin the quest, speak to Sasalana on the 2nd Floor of Owner's Mansion.
  • Head to South Port Lendor and visit Director Sugimu at the Ship Bureau in F-5.
  • Pick up and bring back five Titus Cargos (blue crates), which can be placed by interacting with the blue crate found at the entrance of the Ship Bureau. You must drop off a crate before picking up another.
  1. South Port Lendor: F-5, behind the Ship Bureau.
  2. South Port Lendor: H-3, inside in the inn, all the way in the back.
  3. Port Landor Station: C-5, on 2F.
  4. North Port Lendor: D-5, in front of the church.
  5. North Port Lendor: F-6, inside the Toolsmith Guild, immediately to the left after entering.
  • After Navarro speaks with you, go to F-6 and speak with Crain. Choose either destination, as your goal is to get to Grand Titus.
  • Go to D-3 on 1F and take a picture of anywhere inside of the warehouse to acquire a Storage Photo.
  • Speak with Room Guide Brent on 1F to leave the ship, and then go back to Sasalana in Luckland.
  • Go to Royal City Kamiharmui North and speak with Aunt Matoi at A-6 to acquire a Cherry Wood Crate.
  • Next, go to Daraz Quarry and defeat Masqueraiders to obtain a Rust-Proof Plate.
    • You can find them in the mining pits (try E-3 or E-7), and especially during daytime.
    • They get scarce if it's night or if there's a sandstorm.
  • Go to South Port Lendor and speak with Crain at F-6.
  • After being moved to the Warehouse on the Grand Titus, speak with Sasalana.
  • Leave the warehouse and speak with Director Sugimu at F-5.
  • Speak with Sasalana in Luckland to complete the quest.