Quest 694

From Ethene
Pirates Wanted!
Location Gilzad Region Cove Village
Starting NPC Reppa
Description -
Requirements Quest 34 Complete, Heroes of the Heavenly Stars (v6) registered, Gartland Key Emblem acquired. 
Initial Reward Pirate Unlocked.
Replay Reward Urbea Copper Coin 3 ea.
EXP/Fame None
Replay EXP/Fame None
Previous Quest Quest 34 Next Quest Quest 695


    • The Quest begins at E4 in the Gilzad Region, within Cove Village.
  • Talk to Reppa to start the quest. Reppa is an elf wearing very blue clothes and a bandana featuring a skull&crossbones.
  • Turns out Captain Madlock is looking for recruits. Reppa offers to take you aboard the ship.
  • Once aboard the Freedom Tornado, make your way to the captain's quarters and speak with Captain Madlock.
  • He'll ask you to head to an old abandoned Pirate's Headquarters and lay some souls to rest.
  • Your task is to slay at least 1 Viking Soul inside the Pirate HQ.
  • A point of order here, you can Zoomstone off of the Freedom Tornado, but if you ever want to simply head back to Gilzad Region (Which is what you want to do now), you can talk to Peppecha at the mast.
  • Venture back to the Gilzad Region and enter the Pirate HQ through the secret hatch in the fireplace at E1.
  • Take the starboard path at the fork and keep moving until you spot some Viking Souls.
  • Make 'em walk the plank.
  • Once this is complete and you get the message that you've succeeded, head back to Madlock, via Reppa.
  • Madlock will reward you with an entire battle-ready cannon and the ability to switch your Vocation to Pirate.
  • Nice! Let's bring about a storm of freedom as a Pirate!