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A Pirate of the Ogre race.

The Pirate (PIR) (海賊) is a nautical theme based vocation. They have access to Daggers, Bows, Boomerangs and Axes. And as an unlockable class, it starts at Level 50. Their exclusive skill tree is Ballistics (ほうげき Hōgeki).


Spell List

Japanese Name English Name Description MP Cost Method Learned
マホトラ (Mahotora) Drain Magic Absorbs MP from one enemy. 0 Level 50
ルカニ (Rukani) Sap Reduces the defense power of one enemy by one level (10%) for 120 seconds. 2 Level 50
バギ (Bagi) Woosh Deals light wind damage to one enemy and the surrounding area of enemies. 2 Level 50
バギマ (Bagima) Swoosh Deals medium wind damage to one enemy and the surrounding area of enemies. 5 Level 50
リレミト (Riremito) Evac Creates a portal which can be used by the caster and their allies to return to the entrance of a dungeon. Can only be used out of combat. 3 Level 54
ルカナン (Rukanan) Kasap Reduces the defense power of all enemies by one level (10%) for 120 seconds. 4 Level 58
ピオリム (Piorimu) Acceleratle Reduces the time between actions of allies around the caster by one level (5%) for 120 seconds. 4 Level 62
バギクロス (Bagikurosu) Kaswoosh Deals heavy wind damage to one enemy and the surrounding area of enemies. 12 Level 65
バギムーチョ (Bagimūcho) Kaswooshle Deals extreme wind damage to one enemy and the surrounding area of enemies. 16 Level 69
コーラルレイン (Cōrarurein) Coral Grief Deals wind damage to nearby enemies with water currents. (Charge Time: 50) 20 Level 74
メイルストロム (Meirusutoromu) Maelstrom Deals large wind damage to surrounding enemies. 24 Level 80

Vocation Quests

Unlock Quest: Quest 694 - Pirates Wanted!

Quest 695 - Remnants of Battle (戦いの残痕)
Quest 696 - Treasure Map (おたからの地図)
Quest 697 - Pirates of Tyranny (専制政治の海賊)
Quest 698 - Joint Front (共同戦線)
Quest 699 - The Treasure in My Hands (越宝を我が手に)

Vocation Tree Skills

NOTE: Any skill with a(専)is an "exclusive" skill, meaning it only applies to the current vocation.

Ballistics (ほうげき)
Japanese Name Japanese Translated English Name Description Type MP Cost Charge Time SP Needed
大砲置き(専)(Taihō oki) Place Cannon (Exclusive) - Puts a cannon on the field that automatically fires every 6~10 seconds in the direction it was placed down in. Up to 3 cannons can be active during a single battle. The cannons can receive damage and will be destroyed if they take too much. Skill 4 0/10 0
タル投げ(専)(Taru nage) Barrel Throw (Exclusive) - Throw a large barrel at a single target. Skill 4 - 8
全職業でちから+5 (Zen shokugyō de chikara +5) Power In All Occupations +5 Natural Strength +5 - Passive - - 16
しびれ弾ショット(専)(Shibire-dan shotto) Numb Bullet Shot (Exclusive) - A lighting-based attack to the area around the target enemy and may cause paralysis. Skill 6 - 28
全職業でこうげき魔力+10 (Zen shokugyō de kōgeki maryoku + 10) Attack Magic Power In All Occupations +10 Natural Magical Might +10 - Passive - - 40
火炎弾ショット(専)(Kaen-dan shotto) Flame Bullet Shot (Exclusive) - A fire-based attack that shoots in an area around the target. Skill 6 - 48
全職業できようさ+10 (Zen shokugyō de kiyōsa +10) Dexterity In All Occupations +10 Natural Deftness +10 - Passive - - 56
砲撃ロックオン(専)(Hōgeki rokkuon) Gunfire Lock-On (Exclusive) - Causes the cannon you select to change its direction and face the closest enemy. Skill 4 - 70
全職業でさいだいHP+10 (Zen shokugyō de saidai HP +10) Maximum HP In All Occupations +10 Natural HP +10 - Passive - - 80
錨ぶんまわし(専)(Ikari bunmawashi) Anchor Whirl (Exclusive) - Spin an anchor to clear the surrounding enemies in the area. Skill 10 - 90
呪文発動速度+2%(専)(Jumon hatsudō sokudo + 2-pāsento) Spell Cast Speed +2% (Exclusive) - - Passive - - 100
散弾ショット (専) (Sandan shotto) Shotgun Blast (Exclusive) - Deals 6 attacks randomly to the target and any nearby enemies. Skill 8 - 110
銃撃時2%でターン無し (専) (Jūgeki-ji 2-pāsento de tān nashi) Don't Use Turn When Shooting 2% (Exclusive) - 2% chance to not consume a turn when using a shooting skill. Passive - - 120
砲撃ブースト (専) (Hōgeki būsuto) Gunfire Boost (Exclusive) - Increases the damage of the cannons already set up for a certain period of time. Skill 8 0/90 130
銃撃時5%でテンション (専) (Jūgeki-ji 5-pāsento de tenshon) Tension 5% When Shooting (Exclusive) - 5% chance to increase tension after using a shooting skill. Passive - - 140
スタン弾ショット (専) (Sutan-dan shotto) Stun Bullet Shot (Exclusive) - Fires a bullet that stuns a single target. Skill 10 0/80 150
1.0%ターン消費なし (専) (1.0-Pāsento tān shōhi nashi) 1% Don't Use Turn (Exclusive) - - Passive - - 160
被ダメージ5軽減 (専) (Hi damēji 5 keigen) Damage Taken Reduction -5 (Exclusive) - - Passive - - 170
恐怖弾ショット (専) (Kyōfu-dan shotto) Fear Bullet Shot (Exclusive) - Fires a bullet that frightens a single target. A frightened enemy will have its movement speed reduced for a short while. Skill 12 III(80) 180
呪文のダメージ+20 (専) (Jumon no damēji +20) Spell Damage +20 (Exclusive) - - Passive - - 190
連続ロックオン (専) (Renzoku rokkuon) Continuous Lock-On (Exclusive) - Causes any currently active cannons to automatically change their direction to face nearby enemies for a while. Skill 14 III(180) 200

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