Quest 696

From Ethene
Treasure Map (おたからの地図)
Location Ship - By way of Reppa from Cove Village in Gilzad Region
Starting NPC Captain Madlock
Description -
Requirements Quest 695 Complete. 
Initial Reward Pirate Battle Dress Shirt, Pirate Battle Pants
20 points in every Pirate skill.
Replay Reward 10,500 Exp
3 Urbea Silver Coins
EXP/Fame 23,100 / 80
Replay EXP/Fame None
Previous Quest Quest 695 Next Quest Quest 697


  • Talk to Cap'n Madlock to start the quest.
  • Frenzy's presence is needed. Go get 'em. Go down the stairs--the First Mate's cabin is the left door.
  • Head back to the Captain's Quarters for a scene.
  • You can talk to Takho on deck for directions--You're off to Julet Town's Tavern.
  • Talk to the only ogre here for a scene.
  • Walk back into the tavern and speak with the ogre again to learn that he's willing to trade.
  • He'll trade for a Hot Sand flower from Goble Desert West. These are rock and sand formations that are create when sand clumps up into shapes in Goble Desert West.
  • Get over to Goble Desert West and check out the southeast side of the desert. You might find one at H6.
  • Bring your cool sand back to Zelvado, the ogre, at Julet Tavern Inn and trade it for the Treasure Map Half.
  • Report back to Cap'n Madlock to complete the quest.