Quest 697

From Ethene
Pirates of Tyranny (専制政治の海賊)
Location Ship - By way of Reppa from Cove Village in Gilzad Region
Starting NPC Captain Madlock
Description -
Requirements Quest 696 Complete. 
Initial Reward Pirate Hat
20 points in every Pirate skill.
Replay Reward 11,000 Exp
1 Urbea Gold Coins
EXP/Fame 24,200 / 120
Replay EXP/Fame None
Previous Quest Quest 696 Next Quest Quest 698


  • Talk to Cap'n Madlock to start the quest.
  • Pied is terrible at making repairs. Cap'n wants us to slide down into the hold and see what's up.
  • You'll find him next to the giant hole in the hull.
  • Pied can't fix the hole because he doesn't have any tools. Well, there ya go. That's why the hole's still there, Cap'n.
  • Get hoppin' to the Toolsmith guild in Port Lendor (North Port) and talk to Karine on the second floor.
  • Instead of tools, we're talking about pirate ships. Talk to Mansell outside the Ship Control Office.
  • Tool-less, head back to Cap'n Madlock.
  • Prepare yourself for battle and head to Booner Rainforest on Wena Islands.
  • Waltz into the Booner Rock Cave for a boss fight.
  • It's the Halberd Pirates!
  • Return to Cap'n Madlock to complete the quest.