Quest 72

From Ethene
Treasure Hunt! (トレジャーハント!)
Location Gatara Capital City - H5, In the corner of the Tavern, to the right as you enter.
Starting NPC Darul
Description -
Requirements Thief Level 30 or above 
Initial Reward Thief Boots
Experience Scroll - THF (2)
20 points in all Thief skills
Replay Reward 2 Yellow Eye
1275 Exp
EXP/Fame 2550 / 69
Replay EXP/Fame None
Previous Quest None Next Quest Quest 73


  • Head to Gatara and visit the Tavern. Turn right to see Darul and Ishtar standing in the corner. Speak to Darul to start the questline, "The Pride of the Thief King."
  • It's time to do some righteous crimes! First, we need to prove ourselves. Exit Gatara to Gatara Fields and head to Urubea Underground Ruins.
  • Make it to the end and fend off the opposing gang of Whirlwind Bandits!
  • After the scene, head back to Gatara and return to Darul to complete the quest.

Completed Summary - You've been asked to perform a task by the lady bandit Darul at a tvern in the mountain city of Gatara. Darul recognized your skills and rewarded you with a certificate to join the Darul Bandits.