Quest 73

From Ethene
Take Back What's Yours! (形見を取り返せ!)
Location Gatara Capital City - H5, In the corner of the Tavern, to the right as you enter.
Starting NPC Darul
Description -
Requirements Quest 72 Complete 
Initial Reward Thief Hat, Thief Gloves
Experience Scroll - THF (4)
20 points in all Thief skills
Replay Reward 2 Purple Eye
2070 Exp
EXP/Fame 4140 / 69
Replay EXP/Fame None
Previous Quest Quest 72 Next Quest Quest 74


Requirements: In order to complete this quest, you must know the Thief skill "Half-Inch". It is the top skill in the Thief tree and allows you to steal from enemies.

  • Head to Gatara and visit the Tavern. Turn right to see Darul and Ishtar standing in the corner. Speak to Darul to start the quest. She speaks of the legendary Mask de Mucho and his legacy. It seems a new gang of loathsome bandits with a mind for thievery are causing trouble and stole a music box from a man named Budecho.
  • Visit Budecho at his home in Gatara around G-7
  • After making sure you know the skill Half-Inch, head to Mogarim Highway and find some Orcs. They hang out on the east side of the map between Fault Zone and Ezesol Canyon. (F-3)
  • The objective here is to steal a Music Box from an Orc, then win the battle. It has a high rate of theft, so don't worry.
  • With your loot in tow, head back to Budecho and after you've handed in the item go report to Darul in the tavern to clear the quest.

Completed Summary - At the request of the lady bandit Darul, I retrieved a music box from the Whirlwind Brigade that belonged to Budecho's wife and received the reward from Darul. However, the contents of the music box had somehow disappeared.