Quest 729

From Ethene
Time Conductor & Doomed Fate (時の車掌と滅びの運命)
Location Hollow's Hideout (ホーローの隠れ家)
Starting NPC Erju (エルジュ)
Description -
Requirements Quest 728 
Initial Reward 1 Golden Petal, 5 10th Anni. Lotto Ticket (黄金の花びら1個,10周年記念ふくびき券5枚)
Replay Reward 5 Magic Water (まほうのせいすい5個)
EXP/Fame 100000P/200P
Replay EXP/Fame 13900P/?P
Previous Quest Quest 728 Next Quest Quest 730


You can get there quickly by using a Bazoom Girl to Landon Mtns. Summit (ランドン山脈山頂付近).

  • Head to B5 at the map you arrive at to begin yet another cutscene. You will receive the Sacred Crest Recipe (破邪の紋章のレシピ).
  • Once you return to Verinard, speak to Haruka again and show her the recipe. She will task you with receiving a couple of items.

(The following items can be collected in any order.)

  • Once you have both items, return to Hollow's Hideout and give them to Erju.
  • Once inside, speak with Conductor of Time, Zebes (時の車掌ゼーベス).
  • Examine the nearby Heavenly Emblem (天翼のエンブレム) to offer the items you received previously.
  • Go back to Hollow's Hideout and speak to Erju to complete the quest.